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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry – Care Today, Savings Tomorrow!

preventive dentistry in ballantyne

At Apollo Dental in Ballantyne, we believe that prevention is the best medicine. We would rather see you twice a year for your regular cleanings and help diagnose early preventable diseases than to treat advanced gum disease or complex restorative work.

  • We assess your gums, teeth and oral tissue as a part of the examination.
  • We perform professional cleaning, scaling and polishing.
  • We emphasize on cleaning and fluoride treatments.
  • We teach proper brushing and flossing technique. It is essential and we provide patient education material.
  • We use the latest technology to help identify and treat early tooth decay to save your natural tooth.
  • Preventive visits include screening for oral cancer. We use Goccles – it has received the prestigious 2019 Edison Best New Product Silver Award for Innovation!
  • In certain dental lesions, we can use the state-of-the-art Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT Scan) to help identify and treat dental diseases.

Please refer to our affordable loyalty program. At Apollo Dental, we love to see you with a big, bright smile and we do everything to help you keep it that way. Dr. Ishita Seth is a people’s person and would love to sit down and answer your questions to the best of her abilities.

Tooth Decay

The most likely location for a cavity to develop is on the chewing surface of the back teeth. The surfaces are not smooth and there are tiny grooves – “pits and fissures” which trap the bacteria and the food particles. The toothbrush bristles are not able to always reach these dark, moist little crevices. This creates conditions for tooth decay.

Tooth decay causes softening of tooth enamel and refers to the damage to the tooth structure caused by the acids created when plaque bacteria break down sugar in the mouth. If the demineralization from the enamel is left untreated a cavity or hole in the tooth can occur. The following are the stages of tooth decay.

stages of tooth decay charlotte

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are used on the surface of the back molar to fill natural fissures and pits where bacteria collect. The coating acts as a strong barrier to decay and helps to prevent cavities. Dental sealants can be clear, white, or slightly tinted, but nearly invisible. The tooth enamel does not contain any nerves, placing a sealant is painless and does not routinely require numbing shots.

dental sealants ballantyne

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral and it makes the teeth more resistant to decay. It can even stop small cavities that are just beginning to form. At Apollo Dental, we provide fluoride treatments to those patients who are not getting enough fluoride. The fluoride is applied directly to the teeth. It is a quick, easy and single visit procedure.

fluoride treatment ballantyne charlotte

Laser Decay Diagnosis

Advanced laser technology can be used to detect tooth decay at the earliest stages. The laser diode inspects individual teeth by comparing the baseline wavelengths of healthy teeth to find areas of a demineralized tooth. As a comparison:

Laser Cavity Detection in Ballantyne

We will inspect each susceptible tooth to hunt out demineralization and offer the minimally invasive treatment. The sooner a cavity is detected and stopped, the healthier is the tooth structure. Our experts at Apollo Dental will aid the patients to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is common for people who smoke and consume alcohol. Patients unfortunately continue to present with late-stage disease. Oral cancer screenings are intended to discover oral cancer at the initial stage so that the essential treatment can be started immediately. At Apollo Dental, we perform a thorough evaluation which includes analyzing changes in the medical history and development of new or unusual symptoms. 

Dr. Ishita Seth and her staff will check your oral cavity, lips, cheek lining epithelium, gums, front and back of your tongue; floor and roof of the mouth including tonsils, jaw and neck for any lumps or abnormalities. Early detection of potentially malignant oral lesions can improve clinical outcomes and quality of life.

There are various technologies available to aid in early oral cancer diagnosis. We proudly utilize a technology called Goccles in our dental office to screen for oral cancer and precancerous lesions. Goccles is a special eyewear equipped with innovative optical filters used in conjunction with a curing light. It is a non-invasive, painless technique that allows rapid screening in 1-2 minutes. The special optical filter allows the dentist to visualize abnormalities. The tissue auto-fluorescence achieved contributes to the detection of the margins of precancerous and cancerous lesions. Goccles was awarded as the winner of the 2019 Edison Best New Product Silver Award.

goccles ballantyne charlotte

Periodontal treatment

Advanced gum disease is known as periodontitis. If not treated on time it can get worse over time, and it has recently been connected to heart disease, stroke as well as premature babies. There are different stages of periodontal disease.

periodontal treatment ballantyne

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